Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Legend of Tír na nÓg and The Baltimore Experience

The Legend of Tir na Nog

In Irish mythology and folklore, Tír na nÓg  ("Land of the Young") or Tír na hÓige ("Land of Youth") is one of the names for the Otherworld.  It is depicted as a supernatural realm of everlasting youth, beauty, health, abundance and joy. Its inhabitants are the Tuath Dé, the gods of pre-Christian Ireland..

Oisin and Niamh

Tír na nÓg is best known from the tale of Oisín and Niamh..  In the tale, Oisín (a human hero) and Niamh (a woman of the Otherworld) fall in love. She brings him to Tír na nÓg on a magical horse that can travel over water. After spending what seems to be three years there, Oisín becomes homesick and wants to return to Ireland. Niamh reluctantly lets him return on the magical horse, but warns him never to touch the ground. When he returns, he finds that 300 years have passed in Ireland.  While coming to the aid of another during his journey, Oisín falls from the horse. He instantly becomes elderly, as the years catch up with him, and he quickly dies of old age.

"Welcomed I will be in a tongue I know,
love and hospitality will be offered me..."

Inspired by the Legend of  Tir na NÓg a restaurant concept was developed.  The idea was to provide a unique Irish experience incorporating the warmth of an Irish pub with New American cuisine and all the while maintaining the same charm and hospitality.

Tir Na NOG Irish Bar & Grill
Tir na NÓg  Irish Bar and Grill , Baltimore, Maryland re-created a small piece of Ireland in downtown Baltimore by salvaging interesting architectural pieces, furniture and bric-a-brac from churches and castles in Ireland. These pieces, combined with rich textiles, Celtic script adorning the walls, and rich, dark wood have shaped an elegant yet inviting atmosphere.

Residence Inn Baltimore Hunt Valley and Tir na NÓg Irish Bar and Grill have partnered to create an overnight package - The Baltimore Experience

Now they can't promise you'll never grow old or that time will stand still, but you are guaranteed to have one of the most unique Hotel and Restaurant experiences in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Experience includes:

  •  Overnight Suite Accommodations at Residence Inn Baltimore Hunt Valley
  •  $25 Gift Card to Tir Na Nog Irish Restaurant
  •  Two round trip Light Rail Tickets to downtown Baltimore, where you can explore the Inner Harbor,  National Aquarium, Camden Yards and more!
  •  Baltimore Themed gift upon check in
  •  Free Hot Buffet Breakfast daily
  •  Free WiFi

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