The City of Annapolis was this week named by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a national treasure.
The city not only has irreplaceable historic and cultural significance for the country, but Annapolis is also taking protective measures to prevent damage from flooding and severe weather, which can affect the historical sites in the city.
“The National Trust is proud to name Annapolis to its portfolio of National Treasures,” Stephanie Meeks, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, said in a news release. “Annapolis is one of America’s most beloved and visited historic communities.”
“Though the threat of rising sea levels remains, city leaders and local partners already have created a national model, demonstrating how other cities can plan to minimize the negative effects of climate change on historic buildings,” Meek said.
Annapolis is not only one of the oldest cities in the country, but it also has more 18th-century structures than any other American city.
In 1965, the Department of the Interior named Annapolis a National Historic Landmark, according to a news release. The department noted that Annapolis represents “virtually every residential architectural style from the early 18th century through to the first third of the 20th century.”
In response to sinking land and rising water levels from a global sea-level rise, Annapolis has created a Cultural Resource Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Annapolis Historic District to help prevent the impacts of flooding and other weather-related events in the Chesapeake Bay area.
“Our partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation showcases a model planning project that will benefit other historic seaports and help Chesapeake Bay municipalities build resilient, flood-prepared communities,” said Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides.
The Trust presented the Main Streets Annapolis Partnership with a $5,000 grant to help with public outreach and awareness initiatives to educate residents on flood mitigation strategies.
“We look forward to working alongside the City of Annapolis and others to raise areness of the unique threats to cultural resources posed by climate change, and sharing these valuable lessons with other historic communities across the country,” Meek said.

>>The City of Annapolis has been named of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s national treasures. Patch file photo